Welcome to my Life Story

What I know for sure, there is nothing new under the sun; the mountains prevailed over by one person are the same mountains that are being climbed by another.

The Cambridge dictionary refers to Sage as a wise person primarily as a result of great experience. I decided to brand this space Sage Viv because it breeds wisdom dropping from the vast experience of Viv`s life journey.

Viv is a Ugandan belle by the full names of Vivian Nabbuto who oozes nothing but adding value to people that are granted a chance by the universe to share the same space with her.

Growing up in a broken family in the hands of a stepmother, I was rarely involved in pithy decisions. My opinion rarely mattered. Decision making was the preserve of our parents and the children who were considered favourites. My job was to follow the rules set by them without question.

This episode weakened my self-esteem hence always feeding on people’s approval in my Life. I grew up without acknowledging the fact that I have the authentic power within me to make my life count just because my decisions were sometimes considered irrelevant at home. While I can’t entirely blame my upbringing, it sure played a huge role in the status quo.

It could not last wisdom forever, as I grew up, God’s desire for my Life was to be authentic and gaze through myself for all the answers I’m for seeking. He daily urges me not to conform to the standards of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of my mind. He deposited all I need in me. Whatever greatness I adhere, I trust my personality to fully serve the energy of my soul.

I believe there is greatness in each one of us.

That said, I decided to create a safe space that throws ropes of hope full of vulnerable and truthful experiences of my life journey in living a powerful life through the help of God`s word.

I am glad you are here. I hope you get inspired to live a powerful life after getting to know my sui generis life a little better.

Bask into the beauty of Life.

Blessings, Sageness and Much love.