His ways!!

One morning, it was raining cats and dogs when I saw a lady in haste. She had her baby wrapped in wool so that no drop of rain could hit her. My heart yearned to give her a lift but my mind was hesitant

A story of when my brother was a victim of giving lifts to strangers bombarded my mind. One fateful rainy day, he offered a lift to this girl who later made a scene claiming my brother had robbed her. I don’t remember how the story ended but all I know is my brother managed to escape the scheme of that lady like the way Hakim Ziyech Escaped that of his ex-wife. 😅😅

As I drove near this lady my heart was so loud and my intuition requested I obey, I stopped the car and asked her if she was up for a lift. She instantly accepted with a smile beaming from ear to ear.

I drove on and through our conversation, I noticed she was headed in the same direction as me.

This lady was going to walk for 3km with her baby in that rain.

My heart was glad I helped. It’s such a pleasure an innocent soul didn’t have to walk in rain just because occasionally, bad ruins it for good.

As I am writing this, I am reminded of how many times I Have let my carnal mind direct my footsteps and I have ended up drowning in oceans full of water.

Proverbs 3:5-8

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your path. Do not be wise in your own eye. Fear the Lord and Depart from evil. It will be health to your flesh and strength to your bones.

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