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Happy Birthday to Me!

My Primary leaving examinations registration was approaching when I went to my dad for a birth certificate. My original certificate wasn’t within his reach, but considering he is a clinical officer, he had a birth certificate booklet in his office and we made one.

When were you born? he asked! My good father didn’t have an idea when I was born! 🤦🏾😅😅

I scratched my head over this vexing question as though I was working on a check book register that won’t balance. I couldn’t make head nor tail of it.

Out of the need to have a certificate, I told him 27th of November, and just like that, I became a November Baby out of need.

A few people who have been graced with a chance to sit in deep conversations with me know that I wasn’t born on 27th of November but on a date my good parents forgot.

I made peace with them forgetting my birthdate, at least they raised awise God-fearing Go getter of a woman.😉😉

While in South Korea, I spent a lot of time alone. I fell in love with things that pertain to me, and voila! a void in me yearned to know my real birthdate.

First, I consulted google.

It answers all things. They said!

It is limited, they forgot to emphasize 😅😅

At my core, I knew the moment I step my feet back in Uganda I was to fight tooth and nail to know when l was born.

The Universe indeed responds to our inner yearnings.

A few days after my arrival, Mum guided me to my church of Baptism for answers.

To God be the glory all my records were intact and my birth date was right there in my eyes.

The moment I glanced my eyes at a date that was becoming a pot of gold in my rainbow, my heart became glad.

While on my journey back home, thoughts started bombarding my mind. Where does 27th November stand now that it’s been replaced? To be honest, I have genuine love for November, it warms my heart, and it gives me a feel of sunshine after weeks of rain. My dear 27th November, thank you for sprinkling wells of joy on me, for the cakes cut, for the gifts received in honour of you, the tears of joy and the pictures taken.

You have and will forever occupy my document’s birth space.

You will always have a special place in my heart and I vow to always celebrate you.

I am so lucky that I have two days in a year that I call birthdates and Guess what 21st December is another reason to kick up my heels. I am looking forward to celebrating it this year for the first time. But as for now, all eyes on 27th November. Happy adopted Birthday to me.

Photo taken on one good day this year🥳

Thank you so much to each one of you that has handed me an umbrella on rainy days and for dining with me on better days.

Just like this day, you will always be cherished. 

Big heart! ♥️

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Ooh gal you share an actual date with the twins.
    Happy adopted birthday love. I am glad you found yours out. I am one of those who is actually not sure of both the year and dates 🤪. But regardless we celebrate the dates we chose.
    Love you.

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