What I know for sure.

Million Little Miracles!

In most cases,when I vanish off the face of these streets, I be stomaching vapours that cannot be rationed here, as they say you can only give from what you have. Most times I be searching for color amidst dark rooms in order to throw some shades of yellow to you, my people.

But this time around! I have been so overwhelmed with God`s goodness in my life! The Lord has dealt so bountifully with me.

Ever since I was a little Child, I have believed that my life operates from glory to glory. And that has helped me cast my future in the keys of hope. There is having hope, but there is manifestations! I have seen God show off with every detail of my life ever since I stepped into this land.

God keeps throwing me teeny weeny moments and pieces of grace in this dazzling world, so allow me share with you one of the joys happening in our household now!

On 6th Feb 2022, my sister was entrusted by the highest power with yet another world changer in form of a baby girl. Mwere Skylar Haven has been brought into this world in a space with distractions yet so full of peace! She carries peace in our house hold,and just a mere glance at her dives me into a place of worship.

Like your name, my daughter,may you carry that peace soft like heaven in all spaces you step into. May the glory that the Lord put before your auntie carry you through each day of your long beautiful life. May His presence go before you, behind you and beside you. All around you and within you. He is with you.

Before I formed you in the womb, I KNEW YOU, before you were born, I SANCTIFIED YOU, I ORDAINED YOU A PROPHET TO NATIONS! JEREMIAH 1:5.



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