What I know for sure.


As I am seated in my one-room apartment, I can’t help but listen to the noise surfacing me.

The cars passing by.

The neighbours’ kids playing.

The trees blown away by the wind.

The sound of each breath I take and each uproar thrown at me by this environment.

This rang a bell in my head about the awful dins life flings at us.

The noise louder than the kids playing in the background.

The noise that makes our blood ooze leaving our hearts palpitating

The noise that makes you prefer tiny portions of food

The noise that leaves you searching for home.

The noise that opens the salty water taps of your eyes.

The noise that is so silent to leave you lonely.

The noise that causes us to look left and right in confusion.

But still, this also reminded me of the statement my dear Professor once said, “This weather is a mindset, don’t be afraid of winter, You can be in a cold season and still focus to stay warm”.

So Hey Friend,only two words from me “STAY FOCUSED”.

Don’t let distractions get you off your game. Ignore that noise if you can. Look straight ahead and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. 

We can do All things through Christ, who gives us strength. Philippians 4;13.

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