What I know for sure.

Gratitude Medley!

I belong to a small group of people called a missional community. It is a group of people united through the Christian community to cause positive transformation in their immediate communities.

We meet virtually every Thursday, and we believe that our existence in this world is not our making. We believe in a superpower that is beyond ourselves in making our lives a living testimony. We usually commence our fellowship by sharing about the goodness of God through personal testimonies. For the last two weeks, I have been blur. I scratched my head whenever it was my turn to say something, and when words finally dropped out, it was about a person’s story in my circle.

I had ceased noticing the greatness of God in my life. But boy, oh boy! I am back on singing this thanksgiving medley again, so feel free to join me as I raise a Halleluyah with everything inside of me in these few lines.

 I am thankful to God for my perfect health. I do not remember the last time I checked in sick in a hospital. I can’t talk about excellent health and leave out my physical and abstract mobilities. I do not remember when I pleaded with my feet to take me to a destination of my choice, I just desired, and they automatically submitted. How tedious would it be if every stride had to be directed? 

I have eyes that see where my body is carrying me and my spiritual eyes that discern between good and evil. 

Have I ever mentioned the day my mouth struck to chew the food I dropped in my mouth? No!!!!! And my system goes ahead to digest all the pieces I drop in.

Let us talk about a working brain. This girl here carries one of the wisest brains I have ever met, and she becomes better every day that passes by.

I love food, and guess what? My jaw drops every time food tastes good. Do I order my tongue to respond to the taste of food? No! it automatically detects excellent and lousy food.

When I am happy, my gut opens my laughter jar, and my heart drops with joy. 

What are you Grateful to God A bout?

Oh lord MY God 

When I in awesome wonder

Consider all the worlds thy hands have made

I see the stars i hear the rolling thunder

Thy power throughout the universe displayed

Then sings my soul 

MY Savior God to Thee

How Great Thou Art!

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