Taking Stock

Taking Stock 3

It started as a summer rest month in June. I was overwhelmed with work, so I decided to take a month off this space, but what came labelled as a rest month turned into a runaway season. In two shakes, I didn’t want to show face. Apart from work, I enjoyed watching social media and other activities that kept me passive. As some may say, I was living my life, haha.

I threw my goals away and decided to sip on the glass of procrastination. Friends reached out asking about my writing whereabouts, but I had excuses for the questions like any shirker.

But guess what, that couldn’t last wisdom forever. My heart was palpitating for home. So here I am, presenting myself as a Living Sacrifice. Before we dive into the stories and all, I was hoping you could permit me to take you through my random quirky side that transpired in the past months I have been away.

Drinking: Water, homemade juice, and a little Godly wisdom, yes, it has been little this time around.

Enjoying: Sleep as if I am on a treasure hunt. God speaks to me through dreams, and considering I haven’t been reading the word. I always waited for his word in my sleep, ha! Ha! Ha! Story for another day.

Feeling: Grateful!!! The lord has dealt so bountifully with me.

Following: Random Instagram stories, WhatsApp statuses, and other gossips that I allowed the wind to throw at me. No wonder I didn’t like the quality of my thoughts, but oh boy, this has got to change!

Learning: To focus on the goal and mission and not let distractions get me off my game. Life can be chaotic, causing us to look left and right in confusion. But Philippians 4;13 says We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.

Looking: For perfect moments from this imperfect world.

Listening: To God more, I Realised He is always present and closer than the air I breathe, and so willing to direct all my paths for me to squeeze the best from this dazzling world.

Making: Time to pour into my enjoyment jar. Last weekend I visited Busan, a fun tourist city in South Korea.

At a 3D Museum in Busan.

Missing: A friend, Mr Buafi Fredrick, who just departed for Ghana two weeks ago.

Noticing: How everything works together for my good.Romans8;28.

Wearing: My grace outfit. I now know for sure that there is a lot of hindsight as to why people do things the way they do, so before I judge, I have learned to press the pause button and let people be.

Playing: No cards with dishonesty.

Reading: Signposts ha! Ha .like i said, this has got to change.

Watching: I become that person I have always dreamt of being.

Wasting: No time playing a victim, no matter what circumstance I find myself in, I have got to come out victorious because that is all I can.

Happy New Week.

May you prosper in all things, be in good health even as your soul prospers

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