What I know for sure.

My Lover!

God of wonders beyond our Galaxy!

I have been graced with chances to share my space with one of the best people in this world I call family and friends.

The ones that are ever present like the air I breathe.

The ones that are as warm as if the sun were shining in my hand.

The ones that have stuck closer on this life journey through thick and thin.

The ones whose messages put a beaming smile on my face when I wake up.

The ones I text goodnight before I close my eyes.

The ones ever present in my weeping and rejoicing.

And I have been honored with the opportunity to walk, pause, crawl and sometimes run through the different seasons of life.

One of the seasons that hit me to the wall, as I have said before, is when I lost one of my friends, who was also my former housemate before we graduated for our masters here in South Korea.

My ever present friends and family were there, they always checked in, and some even had sleepovers on my cold floor during that winter season.

Was their existence enough to make me whole again? I wish it were! But the moment I hang up from that call, the moment the messages didn’t pop in, the moment my geographical closer friends got busy, I wallowed in my bed and covered my body with a blanket of panic attacks.

I now know for sure that there is no human being that can make us complete, not even the ones we call husband and wife, and the marrieds will be great witnesses to this.

One time I read something that went like, you can have a billion people to tell your story but have no one to carry its weight with you!

On my quest for settling in total joy even in dark seasons, I have tried casting my fears in the one who promised to go before me and that he will never leave nor forsake me.

The one who knows the nitty-gritty in my story and feels every joy and pain that pertains to it.

The one who calls those who labor and are heavily laden in exchange for rest. Mathew 11:8.

And today, I can surely testify that His yoke is indeed easy and His burden is light.

I now invite us to acknowledge the lover of our soul, the creator of heaven and earth, our Father’s presence in every microsecond of our life, and we shall not need to carry that pain from the bumpy seasons of life.

Big Heart!

7 thoughts on “My Lover!

  1. Thank you for this Viv. It’s actually true that only Jesus can complete us.
    Humans are very un reliable. Christ alone loves us and is there always.
    Much as he shows us love still through people.

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  2. When we Know this…then we have found complete Peace through every moment of Life!!!Good or bad…HE IS OUR EVER PRESENT HELP IN TIME OF NEED!!!

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