Taking Stock

Taking Stock 2.

Photo taken as a friend and I went weekend shopping

Welcome back from the stories of Hope series, I am immensely grateful to the guests that shared their stories with power, and I am super blessed by the reader`s feedback. If you haven’t dived into this series, please check the previous eight posts. Your faith box will metamorphose into something golden.

Allow me to take you through my random quirky side that transpired in the past two months I have been away.

Buying: Shoes, sneakers in particular heels, are still shelved in the cart. And books, just ordered Woman evolve by Sarah jakes, What happened to you by Oprah Winfrey, The Promised Land by Barrack Obama and Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Drinking: Water, juice, and lots of Godly wisdom.

Enjoying: Aloud laugh that leaves my heart full and my body oozing Joy.

Feeling: Some typa way! Haha, I Just wanted to throw that line in your face, but your girl feels tired. This Korean work is tickling my bones in many ways I don’t like.

Following: Andrew Womack teachings on YouTube, I wrapped up his teaching series entitled “Living in Gods best” a week ago and now on “How to become a water walker”.

What’s your favourite blog or YouTube Channel? I’d love to check it out. 

Learning: How to continually hold my cool even when triggered left and right. A friend recently told me, “Vivian, if you master that, you will be a full package”. Haha.

Looking: For perfect moments from this imperfect world.

Listening: To God more, I Realised His always present and closer than the air I breathe, and so willing to direct all my paths for me to squeeze the best from this dazzling world.

Photo taken by me during celebrations.

Missing: Ugandan food, fruits and vegetables. 

Noticing: How my energy is one of the rarest items I can give back to this world, so I am making it a habit to check in with myself before putting on that bomb outfit. HaHa.

Wearing: My confident outfit. It is my time to shine through whatever I choose to put myself into and help light other people’s candles while at it.

Playing: No cards with small talk and dishonesty.

Reading: My Bible and blogs.

Watching: I become that person I have always dreamt of being.

Wasting: No time with sweating the tiny staff, I have learnt to ask myself whether this thing pressing the salty water from my skin pores will matter after a year, and sometimes it doesn’t even count after a week. In most cases, all are small staff, so this girl is learning not to sweat at all.

Happy New month! I wish you greatness and bundles of Joy.

May you prosper in all things, be in good health even as your soul prospers

10 thoughts on “Taking Stock 2.

  1. Hahaha…. you are not done with your surprises yet?😊🤓. You took me by surprise when I chanced on the birthday cake you bought for me here. Its a blessing in disguise to cross paths with you in this life.Thank you in zillion folds for your friendship.God bless you abundantly 🙏.Happy New Month

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  2. Oh girlllll…. The twom months have real kept you busy.
    We can wait to have more encouragement and all good things from your blogs.
    Not with all the wisdom you have been gaining.

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  3. As I tell you everyday u Inspire me alot in soooo many different ways my sister and that’s living a purposeful life thanks for the nice words of encouragement and a better way to check ma self how am living ma life.

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  4. Banange!!! Am inspired each time I read ur blog. Just keep doing what ur doing cz someone out there is blessed by u. (Heart U) Hahaha!!!

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