What I know for sure.

Honoring God!

A few months back, the heavenly jackpot graced me with those moments where tides where turning in my favor, I seemingly achieved my financial plans and even exceeded my expectations. They say Africans thank God for the good comings, and I wasn’t about to disappoint my ancestors.

I spent part of my time making a joyful melody to the highest power in awe of what he had done, and as I sipped on what shall I render to Jehovah song by Travis Greene, my mind swayed me there was nothing I could offer to God for the good tidings.

While I went on with that melody, my spirit reminded me of a scripture in Deuteronomy 8;18, “And you shall remember the Lord Your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers as it is this day”.

I perceived that I remembered him reason being the melody. But then I got reminded of Proverbs 3; 9 which calls me to Honor the Lord with my possessions. Within a microsecond, I acted like a child caught stealing sugar. I sarcastically laughed and stopped making the melody or else my inner voice goes loud on me.

I knew what the spirit was communicating precisely; for the past 19 months, I have not been paying my tithe off my earnings, I pocketed both seed and food. Aeons ago, I myopically thought about tithe or even giving’s to the church as merely an offering requested by our church leaders to help build the church or even settle the pastors’ salary. I now realized it is much bigger than that.

What I now know for sure, when I choose to tithe, I partner with my father in heaven to establish our heavenly kingdom here on earth. For heaven to evade earth, financial partners are needed, and a 10th of our earnings is the least we can do.

One of the great preachers of the word I know says “we do not honour God by singing and crying our mucus out, but we honour him with our possessions like Proverbs 3: 9 puts it clear.

Instead of me making melodies acting as if there is nothing I can render to God for what he has done for me on good financial days, I have learned to religiously start with giving back a 10th off my earnings.

It has been such a joy-giving like never before; I honestly am excited to receive money to invest in my father’s business. OH, what an honour to participate!

Our giving does not equate to what God has done, but it is an excellent place to start from for those of us asking for what to render Him. Ha, Ha, Ha!

Pastor Beatrice Byemanzi likes to ask, Will it matter if we drove the latest car, owned the latest gadgets, or bought an expensive house after changing locations from earth?

Let us invest in something that will benefit us and others for eternity.

Let us honor God with our possessions, not our tears.

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