Identity Series

Choose Yourself

On the verge of staying home without nothing to do, I moved to a city called Mokpo in search of something to put food on my plate. For the first time in Korea, I encountered an excellent English speaking boss who picked me from the bus stop, whom I connected with so quickly. He bought me nice beddings since I was to stay at the company considering my home was far from the place of work.

When  I reached his company, we discussed my monthly pay which according to me was very little because I was to work every day of the week, and when I complained about it he assured me how he wouldn’t raise it since every other person gets paid the same fee. I was ready to stay and work for a month until when I got introduced to the malodorous comfort rooms, which I couldn’t comprehend for a micro minute, but guess what I was considering to stay just because this man was nice to me.

That night, I wiggled in bed without a drop of sleep thinking of how I was breaking news to my boss the next day that I wasn’t contemplating working with him. I wished he had treated me bad because at least I wouldn’t have solace for him.

AS dawn drew close the more, I wailed like a baby. This feeling threw me down the memory lane, of when I held onto a relationship that wasn’t serving the energy of my spirit but since my ex-partner was charming, could send flowers and dropped breakfast on good mornings, I put down roots and waited for the day he was terrible to me for me to walk out.

That memory drove anger in my nerves, and without a doubt, I was ready to flit the moment morning clocked. By 6 am, I had texted the boss about my evacuation without explaining myself because he knew the dire conditions at his place.

As I rolled my luggage outside of that compound, I pondered at how hard it was for me to say no to spaces that are against my values because I don’t want the other party to think bad about themselves. That company was going to exploit me for the next something months if I settled for it. And guess what a few days after I left, I got a job that pays me nearly double compared to their pay and with better conditions.

One of the stories I profoundly remember, during a sex education class at Yeungnam University. Professor Moon spotlighted that despite how lovely you have fixed a cup of tea for your visitors, you can’t force them into drinking it just because you put in a lot of effort. People should not consume your tea, with the empathy of the action behind it but because they want the tea, or else it might be poison to the people allergic to tea.

You see, it is easy to walk away from bad people, how about the good that is against our values?

Let us choose ourselves!

At the mention of choosing self, a bell in my head rings reminding us to choose our spiritual self and not our carnal self which calls for self-centeredness. The spiritual self-tallies with the kingdom of God which comprises of Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Romans 14:16.

When we do so, we would have saved both self and the spaces or people we refrain from exiting.

If I stayed at that company, I would be an irritating employee having a taste of bad conditions of work.

Sometimes something that is going to kill us is hidden in something that is like an opportunity; what looks like an opportunity might be a complete death of your destiny~ Beatrice Byemanzi.

Let us choose ourselves and make this world a better place.

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