What I know for sure.

Well,We Made It!

As only two days remained to set foot on the finishing line, my graduation shoe which I ordered online was still held up by the customs clearance office, in moments like this before I was graced with the magical year 2020 I would be breaking into cold sweats.

The morning of my college farewell party, I happened to check the goods and chattels delivered from home and one of my shoes was missing, Panic dropped from every pour of my skin as I threw my legs towards the school booth to call my sister, even after she approved that the shoe was to be delivered, my face was collapsing like a balloon that is slowly letting out air, I did not want to have anyone cross near me. I chose to spend a few hours of my life in grief and I surely succeeded at it.

Here I was a few days ago awaiting grad, my shoe held up at the customs office yet my heart was as calm as a cat.

Deepak Chopra, a prominent alternative medicine advocate and author of Metahuman Unleashing Your Infinite Potential, says that when it comes to mindfulness, completely detach from outcomes.

If there’s anything certain in life, it’s that things will happen that are outside of our control. Sure, we can change our environments to reduce the chances of certain things happening and do our best to prepare for worst-case scenarios, but we can’t predict if (or when) they will happen.

As I was still waiting for my shoe to pop up on my door, in passing the wait is still on. I received an email from the university informing me of how our graduation was to happen virtually and not traditionally as earlier communicated. I didn’t know whether I was to celebrate the universe for honouring the snail journey of my shoe or mourn the failure to appear in the school Sapphire hall for our graduation celebrations, but all I remember I leaned to the fact that I should surrender what I can’t control to the highest power and enjoy what I have been granted in this walk of life.

Stories aside, allow me to congratulate myself and my fellow graduates for making it to this date the 21st August 2020, the day we have been officially declared Masters Graduates. I am so proud of all of us.

And as we start this new chapter of our lives, I pray for good health and happiness. I wish I could hand us the script to guide in our next life journey but unfortunately, there is a lot of uncertainty.

In truth, there always has been. What I do know is that the same guts and imagination that got us to this moment, all those things are the very things that are going to sustain us through whatever is coming.

 We must learn to be at peace with the discomfort of stepping into the unknown. Oprah Winfrey.


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