What I know for sure.

The Return of the Prodigal Son!

After a while of not showing up on these streets, a peep from the corners of the walls protecting this boulevard was so scary, I didn’t want to show face, in my mind I was a stranger to the language used here, but after a zillion times of running around like a headless chicken, I lost direction like a prodigal son, and my heart was beating for home.

One wise man once said East or west home is best. So please have a seat, and we share this meal while we can, after all, sharing is caring.

2019 was such a roller coaster ride just like the previous years, but the uniqueness of the 2019 journey was in the newness of the brakes, tires, and seats. But all in all, it was a ride worth jumping on.

Before I start ranting my lessons or even stories that the most excellent teacher called experience tattooed on my heart, allow me to pay tribute to my Friend Faith, who departed for heaven before we reached the finishing line of this Master’s degree ride.

Faith, just like her name, was so faithful in her ways. She was a reliable, humble, and caring Friend. She randomly showed up on my door with dishes filled with food. Faith lived an intentional life that didn’t leave room for the bandwagon effect, laughed when she wanted, put self in spaces that only her heart yearned.

I am certain wherever she is, her spirit is rejoicing, having lived a life that served the energy of her soul.

My last encounter with Faith’s words of wisdom was on the cold Friday evening before her sudden passing on Sunday, as we threw our feet towards reaching for our rooms from fellowship; she whined out her plea how friendship has lost meaning, she unfolded her voice using an example of people giving wedding contributions in the name of attracting attention but not drawing from the heart, she desired nothing but realness and intimacy.
I am a realness advocate, but Faith’s life challenged me, Her life has driven me to places of intimate and real conversations with my family and friends. Also, being more intentional about my actions and treasure my secret place with the highest power to stay connected to my spirit.

Thank you, Faith, for passing here! Thank you for sharing the ten months and 21 days of your life with me. I have forever tattooed your legacy on the walls of my heart.
For days I find myself falling into the pit of self-seeking I remember your quote, “Small acts of humility daily can slowly change the world.” And within a minute or few, I am put back on the path of spreading nothing but kindness.

Just as Faith lived, Let us choose today to enjoy the rest of 2020, with intentional kindness and living a life that serves the energy of our souls since we have no guarantee for tomorrow.

Big heart.❤

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