Taking Stock

Taking Stock 1

I have been trying to write a taking Stock Post for a while, but I’d always chicken out and shelve it in drafts. Finally, I have decided to slap fear in the face by getting on the bus of sharing monthly random hearty evolvements.

Let’s dive together into my June Journey:

Buying: More food, availability of food makes me happy even before I deposit it into my mouth.

Drinking: Water, tea, and lots of positive energy.

Enjoying: Aloud laugh that lives my heart full and my body oozing Joy.

Feeling: loved by this lovely Ugandan Man. quip! Quip! I mean God since He lives in me why not give him a Ugandan seat.

Following: Flavia K Tumusiime. I like her humor, the lessons, and the ingenuity of her videos.

What’s your favorite blog or YouTube Channel? I’d love to check it out.

Learning: How to continually hold self in my true identity while adding value to the people around me.

Looking: For perfect moments from this flawed world.

Listening: To myself, every time I am handed a golden box of communication.

One way to be an excellent communicator, pay attention to what you utter out.

Making: Quality time for my loved ones. And making time to improve on my craft(s).

Missing: My Ugandan family and friends.

Noticing: How our energy introduces us before we say a word, so I am learning to freshen up my soul every morning before I wear that bomb outfit. Ha, haha.

Wearing: My love glasses, I desire to spread nothing but love.

Playing: No cards with dishonesty.

Reading:15-invaluable laws-of-growth by John-c-Maxwell.

Watching: A lot of Lisa Nichols inspiring videos. Her life story gears me up.

Wasting: No time walking in condemnation of self and my people.

Working: On how to be me, live a life free from pretense.

Thank you for reading. I hope you get inspired to be you after getting to know my June quirky side a little better.

Bask into the beauty of July.

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