What I know for sure.

What Are You Expecting?

When I got a scholarship to travel for my Master’s degree, I received tips of advice from different people on how to cope, some were good, and a bunch was a bum steer as most people share lessons according to their experiences. I was told to prepare for loneliness, culture shock, and many other things that come along with living in a foreign country.
One last Sunday in Uganda, as I moved out of the church, one fine lady walked towards me and gave me a piece of competent counsel that still oozes into my blood. She said, Vivian! “I did my masters from overseas but what I know for sure life abroad will handle you the meal you are expecting to have, and nothing will come your way unless you see it coming.” “Many people will advise you, but at the end of the day, what do you expect?
As I was seated in the taxi on my way home, I kept on pondering about that piece of wisdom amidst all the advice that I had kept in my basket of being open to learning. I decided to take a step and act on what God had spoken through that lady. I wrote down the things I expect to come my way while on this South Korean journey and among them was a good church, good friends, and happiness.

I can stand here to testify that I have encountered and still meeting good friends who have believed in me, rebuked me when I am losing it, fed me, played with me, captured beautiful moments with me, helped me understand challenging assignments, prayed with me and facilitated my adventure while here.

My church family reminds me a lot about my church in Uganda, OMG!! Our leaders are so heavenly; we get to share a meal every after service on Sunday, Every Friday after fellowship we walk away with a pack of food, now you might be wondering whether its food that draws me there. Trust me, to a certain percentage, you’re right! Ha, haha. But jokes aside I love the fellowship with my people and the oneness amongst the congregation.

Loneliness! Loneliness! I sometimes find it hard to explain to my people that I have never felt lonely; they reach out worried that I might be buried in a sea of loneliness with no one to listen to me. Nevertheless, A big thank you to each one of you that reaches out; it means a lot. Thank you! 😍😍

It came to my notice that I now enjoy my own company, thinking out loud about my life, listening to good music, taking cold water, Watching YouTube talk shows, lengthy phone calls, burying self into good reads and writing my mind out leaves my heart with no gap of loneliness but flowing with sugar spice and everything beautiful.

I can’t say I have it all, but I am enjoying each moment in South Korea, my heart is full not because I deserve it but because I put my expectations to the one who brought me here and stopped trusting in my strength or even conforming to the standards of the space I am operating in.

Mathew 8:13 Then Jesus said to the centurion Go your way and as you have believed, so let it be done for you, And His servant was healed that same hour.

What are you expecting God to do for you today?

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