What I know for sure.

Our Dreams Are Not About Us!

In 2017, I yearned for a space of growth and separation from the environment I was operating. This drove me to a dream of achieving my Postgraduate Degree abroad, but for a good chunk of time, I was sipping on the unbelief cocktail since my college results were so deplorable having scored 2.88 out of 5. I decided to settle for less as per my dream and resorted to applying for studies at Makerere, a University in Uganda. Among the requirements of getting enrolled in the University for the Master’s degree, I fancied at that time was sitting for an entrance exam. I gave this test my best shot, but to my great surprise, I didn’t make it to the entry door as my results were below the required pass mark.

Oprah Winfrey States, “Everything that has happened or will happen to us whether good or bad is in alignment with our purpose on earth and is for a better reason.” God had better and bigger plans for me. I pulled myself together and started applying for scholarships to fund my study abroad, even when I knew my results were not appealing to the universities I wanted. It was a gentle blow when the first two Scholarships I applied for did not take me up.
I was on my way to giving up hope when God reminded me of how He is not a son of man to lie, and whatever He promised to do, He shall fulfill in due time. You know, most times we believe when things only make sense to us. Nevertheless, God had better timing, and I kid you not, it is always the perfect one.
I decided to give it another shot when a friend who is pursuing a Ph.D. in China jokingly sent me a scholarship link to apply as we wait for the intended scholarships to open. Since this was a try and error moment, I did not give it my best like I always did, we (with a friend who occasionally helped me out) applied and submitted at the last hour unlike before. We didn’t take this so serious as I didn’t pay the 100 dollars application fees, and when I was emailed I genuinely told the administrator, I didn’t have the money.

In most cases, when God plants a dream in our hearts, we tend to look at our abilities instead of looking at Him. What I now know for sure, When God created us, He wired every system in us to achieve whatever He created us for, at the perfect time and it is still Him to come through for us even when our reality doesn’t make sense to us. There is more to our dreams than just achieving them, and When we trust Him He breaks all the boundaries, I was able to get a scholarship even when I had the most unsatisfactory results amidst the school prioritizing academic excellence. I didn’t have the money at the moment to pay for my application fee, but still, it was up to God to get me admitted because my time to travel had reached regardless of the barriers.

Whatever dream we have, let us hold onto God; it’s not about our capabilities.

Moses was called to speak for His people even when He was the worst orator according to him.

There is no dream that is too hard for God to achieve, and it is never about us.

Let us keep keeping on and deter settling for less.

8 thoughts on “Our Dreams Are Not About Us!

  1. Succinct!!!Like the Good book puts it,all things work together for our good!
    We just got to enjoy the roller coaster life’s brings whiles at it. Keep on keeping on🀝

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