What I know for sure.

Be Still,The Lord Will Fight For You.

One night thieves broke into my house and stole a TV, laptop, my phone and a lump sum of money. It was a nerve racking and knee shaking moment when I woke up to that calamity. I ran knocking on my neighbors’ houses like a mad woman amidst the heavy rain. When some showed up we ran to a nearby police station for rescue but at that point there was nothing to save since the thieves had disappeared.
To my great surprise, some of my dear neighbors started questioning the robbery and their conclusions went that I either robbed myself or invited one of my friends to rob me. Some rubbed their false accusations in my face and others secretly talked about it with friends who later unwittingly confessed it. I found myself many times imagining calling for assaultive meetings. Was this going to help? Maybe or maybe not.
As I lay in bed tearing in the wee hours of the night, the Lord told me to hold my peace and let Him fight for me. At that point it didn’t make sense, I was bitter and racking considering I had a lot of false accusations running around me that same season but God’s word was so loud and clear. HOLD YOUR PEACE I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!!!
When the Lord says I will fight for you to some of us we assume He is going to physically oppress our oppressors or even shame them in our eyes. Lol! .At that point that’s what I needed to hear “at least let them also be robbed Lord so that they can experience the pain I am going through”. But God’s plan was greater and in line with my purpose on earth without hurting anyone.
I was so afraid of people’s rejection. I couldn’t stand a person falsely accusing me. I was so happy knowing that my name is shining in the eyes of man. People’s approval about my identity was a great treasure. During that time I encountered moments when I had to walk with my head held high even when I knew my next neighbor didn’t believe in me. I knew that even if no one believed in me, what I thought about self was key. I came out of that shadow with victory and Joy. And even when the devil falsely accuses me now, I am aware that He who that is in me is greater than He who that is in the whole world.

Whatever happens to us is for the good and in line with who God has called us to be. There is not one single thing that has ever happened or will happen to us that will be wasted. Every single crisis,challenge and every joyful moment will show up to make us who we are meant to be.

No one is against us but God wants to use those dark moments to let the light in us shine. Whatever trial you’re facing right now, the Lord will fight for you, please hold your peace .Understand what is taking place and press into the flow.

We have got to have an aggressive spirit that defies shame and does not allow the complacency of those around us embarrass our fortitude.

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