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A short Walk to Freedom.

I have contributed to most of my colleagues’ weddings and I have written long messages on their birthdays. One would think this was something I did out of love, but no, this was from a tank of expectation. I expected them to always reciprocate when I needed the same or more services.

I opened very many doors for people in my life hoping they would fill my cup with sugar, spice and everything nice just because I was filling theirs.

I went out of my way to do things for people and there after bury my joy, expect something in return. I deprived myself of peace and ended up being bitter with people who were also just trying to fight their own battles.

One day I over heard a friend narrating how they were so disappointed in their church leaders for not contributing towards their wedding.
“We have spent a lot of our time serving them but can you imagine on our wedding they didn’t stand with us financially?” this person told another friend.
I kept wondering whether these people where serving God or their leaders. But this is a story for another day.
Multiple times we forget these same leaders have a lot going on in their lives.

We need to stop manipulating the outcome because it’s always a nightmare expecting salvation from people..

On my journey of cutting expectations, I have found myself so happy and genuinely loving people while expecting nothing in return. I laugh at people’s jokes genuinely and give genuinely.
I do things knowing that I don’t owe anyone and no one owes me. This has helped me to stop holding people hostage in my life and I have freed my self from acts of pretence and bitterness.

Your Church leaders didn’t contribute to your wedding but still God made it flourish .Why not focus on Him.

Let us let go of the need for some one to fill us and stick to the one that does fill us, God.

Should I write this blog expecting approval from the readers, it would be a nightmare because I would always be in a strain trying to micro manage the results.

The knowledge coming from God’s call for this cause has helped me be intentional and at peace with my blogs.

Let us break free from the prison of expectations and only put our trust in God.

Let us open doors and pave way for people to walk through the way they wish.

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