Identity Series

Be Authentic!! Be You!!

Growing up in a broken family, I was never involved in pithy decisions. My opinion never mattered. Decision making was the preserve of our parents. Our job was to follow rules set by them without question.

This weakened my engagement muscle hence always feeding on people’s approval in my life.

I grew up without acknowledging the fact that I have the authentic power within me to make my life count just because my decisions were considered irrelevant at home. While I can’t entirely blame my upbringing, it sure played a huge role in the status quo.

In college, I’d ask a friend to jot down things she liked about me, and oh, how I fed on that. Every time I felt worthless I’d ask her to make another list or even go on and ask other friends whose approval was in my favour. Whatever approval I got from them, I took to heart and relished.

Did this stop in college? No! Before taking any step forward in life I had to seek approval from some one. I basically lived on people’s opinions instead of God’s conviction in my heart.

This affected the decisions I made and the path of my life. The first boyfriend I had, I dated because my friends approved of him being a handsome, cool and funny man. Ironically, I had never seen any of these features in him. At no point did I consider the authentic power within me. I simply didn’t acclaim the power God has placed in me. My life was fuelled by the opinions of others. Imagine!!!

Of course, this couldn’t last wisdom forever because at some point I didn’t have friends around to approve my decisions. It was a hard paper at this point.

But as I grew up, I realised God’s desire for my life was to be true to self, and gaze through my soul for all the answers I’m looking for. He urges me not to be conformed to the standards of this world.

He has put all I need in me. Whatever approval I want I should trust his peace to guide me.

A while ago, I listened to TD Jakes teach. He made it even clearer with a case of how Phone companies only release phones to be in working after installing everything it requires to operate. That is why they even have a guarantee for when they err with the software.

How can God who is perfect, detailed and incapable of making mistakes release a person to this world when He hasn’t installed all the software in their spirit to operate??? OF COURSE HE CANNOT.

We can proudly claim we have lived the life God has called us to live if we learn to let our personality serve the energy of its soul.He has put so much in each one of us to be anything we want!!

We are powerful! Let us live by his conviction and not based on human opinion!!

Let our Light Shine!!!

GOD has placed every good thing in Us!!

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