Identity Series

A call to Confidence

I walked down towards the school gate with my chin high up in the air and no garment covering my scarred skin. I danced stretching my legs out of the gate as though not a soul was watching. I wasn’t afraid of anyone noticing my scars. Upon reaching the taxi stage, the curious glances being cast at me by everyone did nothing to deter me as I entered a taxi and sat comfortably. A few minutes after this, I was jolted out of the land of dreams!!

Soon as I woke up, I asked God to reveal what He was trying to communicate to me through this dream. Softly, he whispered to my heart “Viv!! This is the moment for you to build your confidence. I put that desire in your heart but guess what child, the first step is to not hide your flaws anymore. Live in boldness.”

This encounter reminded me of a moment when I was seated outside my lecture room revising for a paper I had failed. At that material time, I did not have the money to repay to study the exam so I decided to sit alone and read but truth is I needed a reading partner. I just didn’t know how to go about asking friends if any was re-sitting the same paper.

As I was revising this lady came up to me. Immediately I saw her, I closed my book.

“How was Advanced Taxation? Did you pass?” She asked.

A number of thoughts started to bombard my mind. Why do I have to tell her about my results? After all she doesn’t pay my tuition. Why doesn’t she even mind her own business? As these thoughts flitted across my mind, my inner man cried out to me for the truth. Timidly, I told her “I failed, babe!”

Well, guess what! She was looking for someone to discuss with. So she sat next to me and we made our evening count!

This is but a simple story but had I kept the fact that I failed the paper to myself would I have gotten help?? I highly doubt. God knew I needed someone and the only password was for me to unbridle my flaw. Surprisingly, we hide our flaws from people who are not perfect and also possess the same flaws, if not worse, like us. The lady had also failed the paper!! I thought telling her the truth would cost me but God had a better plan for me. It’s the same with much of our lives. Un-hiding your flaws makes you vulnerable but it opens doors that would otherwise stay locked.

May we live bold and confident in who we are! God wants to use that for our own good

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